Snoo in RuPaul’s Drag Race Realness!

Welcome to the jungle, Squirrel Friends!

Let’s put three of my favourite things together and make one epic project.  Take a dash of Drag Race. Throw in some Reddit. Lastly, spice with pixel art editing, and bam!  I give you Snoo in RPDR Realness!

Please note: I do not own the rights to Reddit‘s mascot, Snoo, nor the likenesses of the Drag Queens.  This is fan art.

Reddit is a link sharing website, and “subreddits” often edit Snoo’s likeness to fit a theme.  I will be linking to each Drag Queen’s website, so that credit for their creativity is given.  Now, let’s get sharing!

Float Your Boat RunwaySharon Needles and Latrice Royale
Season Four, Episode Six: Float Your Boat 

These were the first two I did.  It’s been so long that I had to remember how to work with pixel art!  The later ones are better, I promise.  Sharon is a fan favourite, and Latrice is my Queen.

Manila Luzon and Chad Michaels
Season Three and Season Four’s Episode Five: The Snatch Game

I started to really figure my method out by Chad’s Snoo.  These outfits were suggested by other Redditors.  For this week, I added one of the Drag Race Logos, which again, I do not own the Drag Race Logo.

MAC Viva Glam and Drag U Super SistersOngina and Tammie Brown
Season One, Episode Four: MAC Viva Glam
Rupaul’s Drag U Season One, Episode Four: Super Sisters

 Ongina took the longest of any Queen I’ve done so far.  Girl loves her some crinoline and lace.  I asked my fellow Redditors what they’d like to call our group, and the funniest suggestion was Squirrel Friends, with the addition of … and a biscuit.  These are inside jokes, you have to watch the show (watch it on LogoTV or OutTV!) to understand.

What does the future hold for Snoo’s Drag Career?  Only I (and maybe Broosh~) know for sure! Keep your eyes on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Subreddit to find out first!


Opening Day

Welcome, welcome.

It’s been a long time since I put out artwork online!  I have been engaging in some new projects and had a request for a gallery.  Enter this blog: a nice,clean way to show off some of my work.

I will include some information about myself in the near future here.  For now, it’s time to share pieces from my current undertaking: Reddit‘s Snoo in Drag Race Realness!

Reddit Mascotswan


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